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Sun Lenses

There are many options available to spectacle wearers when it comes to outside use in the sunshine

(If you can remember the sun, that glowing golden orb in the sky!).

Tinted Lenses

The simplest sunglass solution, we can tint plastic lenses almost any shade and any colour. If you cannot see what you want listed just ask.
All sunglass tinted lenses darker than 80% absorbtion will block almost all harmful UV, for safe comfortable vision in bright conditions.

Polarised Lenses

Most products are oversold, occasionally though you will find a product that really is brilliant. Polarised lenses fall into this category.
The science behind polarised lenses is frankly mind boggling but in a nutshell, with polarised lenses the light reflected from a horizontal surface simply does not reach the eye.
polarised lenses online This offers unparalleled clarity of vision in bright light conditions where reflections might be an issue, perfect for our changeable climate (imagine driving on a wet road on a sunny day) or for sports such as fishing and skiing. See more at the following link;

Polarised lenses are available in NuPolar Brown, NuPolar Grey and NuPolar Copper.

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses have chemicals in them which react when exposed to natural light.
We can supply generic photochromic lenses in Brown or Grey, or branded Transitions(R) lenses.

Transitions Lenses

The most up to date Transitions lens is Tranitions 7 also known as Transitions Signature.
Transitions are available in Brown and Grey as well as Transitions Graphite.

Transitions XTRActive

Extra dark outdoors, slight tint indoors, with the added benefit of blocking blue light.

Polarised Transitions

You want polarised and Transitions? Well until recently you might have been asking too much, but now there are two products on offer.
Transitions Drivewear and Transitions Vantage.

Transitions Drivewear

These lenses are essentially enhanced sunglasses with the driver in mind.
In their unreacted state they are amber in colour, inside a car they are medium brown, outside in the sun they are a dark brown. They are great as sunglasses/driving glasses but it should be noted that they never fully lighten.

Transitions Vantage

The first and only fully light sensitive variable polarising lens.
Unreacted this is a nearly clear, unpolarised lens. The benefit of it's variable polarising means that when not in its fully reacted state there will not be the problem that some polarised lenses present when viewing screens on digital devices.
Reacted this is a full sunglass, polarised lens.