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Reglaze your own glasses

    Why have your existing glasses reglazed?
  • Maybe you already have a frame you really like and fits perfectly.
  • Or a glasses frame that cost you a lot of money, that you'd like to extend the value of.
  • You've found a bargain on ebay or similar.
  • You just can't be bothered picking a new pair.
Whatever the reason, if you have a frame you would just like new lenses fitted into, this is a service we can offer.

It's really easy!

1) Place your reglaze order online.
2) We will send you a return postage paid packet.
3) Place the specs you would like reglazing in it and pop it in any post box.
if you would like insurance, your local Post Office will be able to arrange this for a small extra charge.
4) Sit back and relax while our technicians fit new lenses to your own frames and return them to you.

Click here to reglaze full rimmed frames

Click here to reglaze semi rimless frames

If you have rimless glasses you would like reglazing,
please get in touch to make sure yours is a suitable type.

The high street opticians stores rarely offer a reglaze service anymore, but there is no reason why you cannot get better value from your past spectacle purchase, if you have a frame you like, which is in good condition. We can reglaze your glasses, reglaze your designer glasses, reglaze your sunglasses, at extremely competitive prices and requiring only the effort it takes to get to a post box!